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Know-Ur-Stuff was founded to empower individuals and create an awareness of their assets. A thorough inventory of your belongings is an important part of the insurance claim that is required following any type of catastrophic event. We help you ensure that you are prepared, no matter what comes your way.

About Know-Ur-Stuff

Founded in 2018, Know-Ur-Stuff was created as a way to help individuals prepare for the unthinkable. When tragedy strikes your home, you are required to compile an inventory of your belongings to include in the insurance claim. This inventory must include the quantity, description, and possibly the monetary value of any items that were damaged, lost, or stolen.


As you can imagine, compiling a detailed inventory immediately following a catastrophic event is nearly impossible. When a loss occurs, many individuals find themselves in a state of disbelief. Providing a detailed list of your belongings can be overwhelming, not to mention emotionally traumatizing. When a list of belongings is compiled in this emotional state, important items are bound to be forgotten.


With many of your precious valuables and belongings tucked away in storage, these important items will likely be left off of the insurance claim. Once you realize they are missing, it may be too late to modify your insurance claim to account for the additional items.


Unfortunately, many insurance claims for personal belongings are denied due to a lack of sufficient records or documentation of belongings!


Know-Ur-Stuff provides a simple solution to this problem. Our efficient and effective inventory system provides you with thorough documentation of your assets. With a dedication to high-quality service, we work hard to prevent further damage following an unforeseen event.

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About Cynt


Owner Cynthia Simon, known as Cynt, founded Know-Ur-Stuff in 2018. As a military veteran and tax professional of over 23 years, Cynt knows firsthand the importance of proper documentation. In her experience as a tax professional, Cynt witnessed countless tax clients who did not receive the insurance reimbursement they deserved due to a lack of documentation.


Her personal experience, along with the experience of her clients, compelled Cynt to create a solution to this all too common problem. Through Know-Ur-Stuff, Cynt ensures that others do not have to face the anguish of not receiving compensation following a staggering loss.


Let Know-Ur-Stuff help you prepare before a disaster strikes. While we certainly hope you have no reason to rely on your personalized inventory, the peace of mind it provides is unmatched.


Properly documenting and compiling proof of your possessions before a catastrophic event could not only save you frustration and anguish but could also be the difference between reimbursement or a denied insurance claim. Contact our team today for more information!

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