Our Commercial Inventory Services

Creating an asset inventory is an important step in protecting your commercial property. This list will help you keep track of all the things that are located inside and outside of your business so if something happens, at least you have a record!


Imagine if your business was destroyed by a fire and you had to file an insurance claim. Properly documenting proof of your business possessions before the disaster could make all the difference in getting reimbursed for everything that’s lost! If you want more information on how we can help protect what matters most during these difficult times contact our team today!


Here are a few reasons you can benefit from our inventory services:

  • Provides a detailed record of the client’s commercial property assets to simplify filing claims
  • Detailed list and value of assets
  • Peace of Mind

Tulsa Asset Management


Receive insurance settlements faster because you will be able to identify what was lost. Most people can’t recall every item accumulated over the years after a loss.

Taxes and Valuation

A detailed inventory can help verify losses for income tax deductions.

Estate Planning

A line listing or picture inventory can be used to supplement legal documentation or information.


A detailed inventory can help you keep track of lost or damaged items.

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Get the security, protection, and peace of mind you deserve with our professional and confidential inventory service. What you have and forgot about may change your life!