Residential Pricing

Service Types


Items visible when you walk into a room


Items tucked away in closets, cabinets, drawers, garage etc.,

Estimated Pricing

Square footage 700 – 1000


(approximately 4 hours)

Square footage 1001 – 1400


(approximately 5 hours)

Square footage 1401 – 2400


(approximately 6 hours)

Square footage 2401 – 3000


(approximately 7 hours)

Square footage above 3000

$611 + an additional $87.50 per hour

This pricing is information only. The actual cost is determined by the time it takes to complete the inventory. If you are not in this Tulsa area, please call to discuss us coming to your area to do an inventory.

Service Summary


  • Onsite Home Inventory
  • Documenting and listing Assets
  • Take Digital Pictures of Assets
  • Place Theft resistance Tags on selected Electronics up to 10
  • Video of exterior of Home

Client Packet Includes


  • Digital Pictures of Assets
  • Home Inventory by Location & Category
  • Copy of report on CD or Flash Drive (Includes: All Inventory Data & Original Digital Images)
  • Theft Resistance Assets Tags on selected Electronics
  • Free Update of new items within the first 6 months of the initial inventory
  • Cloud Storage
  • Video of exterior of Home
  • Scanning of 25 important documents and pictures.

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Additional Services

Each additional hour of Inventory


Theft Resistance Asset Tags


Annual Inventory Update

$99, per year

Video Documentation


Digital Image Printing (4x6)


Document Scanning (each page)


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